A recent investigation has shown that a 32% increase in general practice direct funding may improve the quality of services for patients from inadequate to outstanding.

Work by GPonline reviewing the evaluations by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows that practices which receive lower levels of funding at an average of £128 per patient per year!, are likely to be rated as inadequate. This is compared to practices with an average income of £169 per patient per year being rated as outstanding. Practices rated as good received an average of £145 per patient per year, an increase of 13% over inadequate rated practices.

This work shows that a key contributor to quality in general practice is adequate funding.

As a result an increase of General Practice funding by 32% may enable all practices in England to offer outstanding care as evaluated by the CQC.

Failure of our government to provide this funding would suggest a failure of provision for patient care and safety. 

Written by @drgandalf52 for GPSurvival