There has been an alarming trend over the last few years for the CPS to bring ‘gross negligence manslaughter’ prosecutions against doctors when patients die, even from natural causes. GP Survival’s 5800 members have debated this extensively, and are campaigning to ask the CPS act in a more proportionate manner. This sits in the context of wider need for regulatory reform that recognises the speed of change within medicine and the increasing pressures doctors face. Our strategy is to open up a debate in the national media about the appropriateness of the change in the way doctors are being treated and the impact this has on patient care. This will be followed by further discussion with interested parties with the hope we can change the way our laws are applied.


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Dr Jeremy Newman, Secretary GP Survival

Dr Susie Bailey, Chair GP Survival

Dr Zoe Norris, Media Lead GP Survival

Dr Andy McIntosh

Dr Preeti Shukla

Dr Thomas Jones

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